I have given birth five times. Five times, inside of my womb, genetic material has united and welcomed a heavenly spirit. Five times, I have sacrificed my body, my thoughts, my emotions and my soul to a new, tiny human.

I have done that because of a profound love that a mother is preconditioned to have toward her children- it is a spiritual love that travels back to the beginning of time.

A woman is a human who has the innate power to sacrifice herself to a divine love. That is a strength that deserves respect and reverence.

A friend recently told me that grief is the price of love. As it goes, profound love is accompanied by profound grief.

Three of the children whose spirits came to earth inside of my womb are still tethered to Earth. I am constantly consumed with both love and concern for these spirits- which now live in the bodies of men.

I can see all of the dangers in this world. There are evil forces that tempt and possess our children. My instinct is to pull my boys back, and to keep them warm and fed in the safety of my nest.

Ultimately, however, I know that each of us comes to Earth with a purpose, and, in order to fulfill that purpose, they must be allowed to fly.

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  1. I’ve typed and re-typed possible replies, but no words are sufficient. Maybe you can feel these tears.




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