5G- from the Collective Fear collection- 2023

I was born in 1971. My early childhood was lived during the time just before personal computers. There were three television shows per day that were dedicated to kids and then there were Saturday morning cartoons.

As children, we got up in the morning, ate breakfast and went outside. We played with the kids on our block from dawn until dusk.


We always went inside to watch the three television shows per day that were dedicated to children- and we never missed Saturday morning cartoons.

It was clear by 1971 that children were drawn to passive, technology based forms of entertainment- and advertisers realized how easy it was to control children’s minds.

Companies used propaganda in the form of commercials to manipulate the feelings and desires of children- and busy, working parents purchased all of the latest fads and gadgets, just to see the smiles on their babies’ faces.

I mean, the reason we go to work is to provide our children with the latest fads and gadgets…..right?

The signs were there- it was clear, even then, where this path would lead, but technology tempted us with so many wonderful promises.

Like a snake in a garden, technology dazzled us with the possibilities of infinite knowledge, infinite convenience and a life of infinite ease.

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