Risen- 2023

I no longer see Covid as a disease, but as a period of time.

Covid- 19 has become a series of years, months, weeks, days, hours and minutes.

I’m still not sure if the world went crazy or if I went crazy- but all of a sudden, nothing made sense any longer – and time itself seemed to change.

Days before the Covid lockdowns began, our family dog, Pepper, took his last breath in the presence of my son, Mikey, and myself. Mikey cried while he dug a hole in the backyard and buried his childhood friend.

On March 16 the world shut down- which meant it was the perfect time to adopt a new dog, and that is what we did.

Mork is a dog who belongs in a forest- so I took him to the forest. Every morning- before my zoom meetings, phone calls and paperwork began- I was out, exploring the natural world with a magnificent creature at my side.

From my screen at home I would see images of death and destruction. I would hear messages of fear, hatred and division. There was nothing but blame.

Still- every morning I went to the forest, and every morning the sun would rise. The minutes and hours would pass.

The snow fell and everything froze. But each day brought a new day. – and those days got longer – and winter passed into spring.

Winter always returns

But so does spring

And no matter what happens in the world of man- the sun will continue to rise.

He is risen.

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